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Embracing the Open Source Lifestyle in Amateur Radio

I have been a Linux user and fan for approximately fourteen years. Not quite as long as being radio operator. I do believe in the open source way and that flows into my radio life also. I got into DMR about six month ago. I LOVE it. It is growing as more-and-more ham embrace and learn about it. It is great.

Fusion is OK. I think Yaesu screwed the pooch on the delivery of their promises, but it exist, and I also think that most of those that bought into C4FM Fusion, have already bought into it due to cost. The technology is solid, but very expensive. I have been trying to find out for a while if it is truly an open standard or if it is a licensed technology if you want to develop hardware for it. Turns out it is a licensed technology. I have a feeling that it will go along the path of D-STAR where it is there, but it is not extensively used. [My opinion anyways]

Getting back to DMR, I have been trying to do my part in getting new users involved and help them get setup. Whether my efforts contribute or not, I do not know, but from January 15th – 30th, 2016, about 1600 new subscriber ID’s came online. That is some rapid growth. Each month, I publish a new codeplug for both the Tytera MD-380 and the Connect Systems CS800. Where am I going with this rambling? I have spent hours and hours [and hours] creating codeplugs for both of these radio models, and freely share them with anyone that wants to use them. All you have to enter your callsign and subscriber ID into the codeplug using the software provided.

The Tytera is a simple little radio that does not take much effort to modify the codeplug now that it is built and clean. On my file share, you can find the codeplug, ContactManager.exe, the illusive manual and the latest firmware.

The CS800 is quite a bit more complex and has a much more complex codeplug. It has been built out completely and updated regularly. All you have to do is enter in your callsign and subscriber ID into the codeplug using the software before uploading into your radio.

What does this have to do with open source now that I have said this. I have built these codeplugs and share them with you to use and change if you want. If you change them and feel like sharing back, feel free to let me know. I am open to sharing all of my codeplugs.

All of the files I modify and upload can be found here:

If you want to use the CS800 codeplug, PLEASE read the README file to know what you are getting. The Tytera MD380 codeplug is simple enough. Both have the repeaters for DFW, OKC, TUL, and LIT written in.

Enjoy and I hope to hear you on the air sometime.

Chris, KD5HIY