Email Setup with Gmail

Open your Gmail webpage and click on the settings gear on the far right side of the page, and click “Settings”. Once the settings page is open, click on “Accounts and Import.”

Email1I recently decided to take advantage of the ARRL’s email system and setup my email address with them. The format is <callsign> Setting it up in a Gmail system is kind of a PITA. Searching around the internet for a solution did not yield any effective results.

The following is a tutorial on how to properly setup your email with your Gmail account so you can both send and receive email where it reflects your email.

You must enable the option to “Opt-in to have a <username> email alias” on your ARRL profile under the “Edit Account” tab. The ARRL says the process takes six hours to fully enable, so enable it before bed, and you should be good in the morning.

Towards the middle of the page, click on the “Add another email address you own.” Enter in your Name and ARRL email address. Leave the “Treat as an alias” option checked and click “Next Step”

Email2This is where the confusion typically happens. You are adding this forward only account to your account, and Gmail wants to know what the outbound server is. The following are your settings for the outbound server.


  • SMTP Server: for standard Gmail users OR for Google Apps for Business accounts. They essentially are the same server, but Google differentiates the two between standard and paid accounts. Standard port 587 is fine.
  • Username: <your-gmail-username>, i.e.
  • Password: Your Gmail Password
  • Secured connection using TLS (recommended) should be clicked by default. This is the one you want, because clicking the SSL could cause issues.

Click “Add Account”


When you click “Save Changes” a confirmation email will be send with a link and a number. You can then click the link to verify that you own the newly connected email. Once you click the link, you will then be able to both send and receive email from your email address.

When the setup process is completely setup and you have verified that you own the email address, you should see something that resembles this in the “Accounts and Import” tab of your Gmail settings.